I am  interested in fundamental questions about quantum physics. Most on the time, in the field of quantum computing and quantum information theory, but always flirting with philosophy

Currently, I am  Research Fellow  at The Cryptography and Quantum Information Group with Stefan Wolf at Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland /  FIGa, Gandria.



Winter/Spring 2016- Invited researcher at The Quantum Information Team at Telecom ParisTech/CNRS,  included in the Paris Centre for Quantum Computation. Based at Paris/Grenoble.

2014 – 2015  Freelance Science Writer (popular science book),
Founder of NGO  (research-without-border),
All based at Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.  Beside invited research at Telecom Paris.

2010 -2014 Research Fellow  at Interdisciplinary Theory Group. Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, Singapore.    With Andreas Winter’s group (and Kwek Leong Chuang’s group)

10/09-12/09 Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

2008 -2009 Research Fellow, CNRS, Quantum computing team,  Grenoble, France.

PhD Thesis

Quantifying non-locality.

About non-locality (not just quantum non-locality) in terms of communication complexity. In superposition between two groups:

University of Montréal, supervisor Gilles Brassard at the Laboratoire Informatique Theorique Quantique.

University of Paris Sud at Orsay, supervisor Miklos Santha in the Quantum Computation Group at LRI

Masters degree in Mathematical and Theoritical Physics, University Luminy (Centre of Theoritical Physics in Marseille)

Masters theses topics:
Quantum decoherence, with Gilles Brassard at the Laboratoire Informatique Theorique and Quantique, in Montreal (first year);
Decoherence in Josephson junctions, with Franck Hekkings at the Theoritical Condensed Matter Group in Grenoble (second year).

BSc in Physics, University Pierre et Paris Curie, Paris (Paris 6)