Research Interests

The usual sense of quantum computing is to use the tools of quantum mechanics in order to improve computer science. But the reverse is also true: use the tools of theoretical computer science to understand better some fundamental problems in the quantum physics, for example: quantum non-locality, or causality.

I love playing with this two topics, theoretical physic and computer science, which allow us to improve the both classical computer science and Quantum physics, and lead to some concrete physics experiment as well.

I am particularly  interested in everything connected with quantum correlation, entanglement,  non-locality and causality : Non-local boxes, non-local games, characterization of non-local correlations with some resources, relaxing the causality structure…

But Non-local correlations are not only quantum: there are some correlations which are “”more”” “non-local” than the quantum ones, but which verify still the non-signalling condition and… which are useful to find some lower bounds in classical computer science  and/or characterize the detection loophole of Device independent experiments, and/or give some insights on different philosophical interpretation of quantum physics.

You want to know more ?

Check it out this “view point” article I wrote about one aspect of my research: Characterization of non-locality. (Faacets Article)

About some recent (this year) talk and work :

  • Interpretation of Quantum Physics is contextual through history:
    Copenhagen-interpretation myth and others “bizarrerie”.
    Gandria Natural Philosophy Workshop- 2017


  • Bell Correlations and the Common Future.
    Ämin Baumeler, Julien Degorre, and Stefan Wolf .
    arXiv:1708.04194 [quant-ph], 2017 (8 pages). To appear in the special issue devoted to Växjö 2017 conference.


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